High Quality IPTV Streaming Service

Clearstreamz IPTV has upped it’s game! We now offer a premium IPTV package with stable streams! PREMIUM GOLD, PREMIUM SILVER, and SPORTS ONLY. We have all the American premium channels that includes HBO, Showtime, Cinemax, TNT, USA, TBS and much more. UK channels are not left out. International channels are added as a bonus on our service. We offer cheap and stable IPTV streaming service in excellent picture quality and most channel works without buffering. You have found a new source of entertainment for a fraction of the cost you pay for cable TV.

PREMIUM GOLD IPTV package focuses more on channels from US, UK ,Canada (french Canadian included) and Latino. International countries are added as a bonus on this package. The International countries may be unstable and they can be hit or miss. Our premium gold IPTV package has all the streams found in the premium silver and sports only IPTV package.

PREMIUM SILVER IPTV package is designed for North Americans and this IPTV package focuses more on channels from US and Canada (french Canadian included) only. Latino streams are also included in this package.

SPORTS ONLY IPTV package is designed to deliver the finest HD Sports Programming on the Planet to your TV screen. Why go pay for DirectTV or a Cable Sports Package and spend hundreds of dollar a month?. With our sport only IPTV package you get access to MLB, NHL Sunday Ticket, NFL Redzone, Ifollow, PPV, English FA Cup, NBA league pass, 3pm Kickoff, English Premier League football, Canadian Curling and more.

Our PREMIUM GOLD, PREMIUM SILVER, and SPORTS ONLY  can now be purchased in one plan. You just have to purchase a plan and not multiple plans to experience the best streaming experience.


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