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Magic work

Currently over 17,000 customers use our service, we think that speaks for us. Not only that we are no longer a fluke, no, we continue to grow. Every day we receive a song of praise, how well our service to other providers works.
But not only that, over 20 other IPTV providers are currently using our channels because even our colleagues honor and appreciate the quality we offer!


Many projects have only 1 – 2 admins, but for best and fastest work. Are we a big team to solve every problem as fast as possible.

You want a present?

Not only for one is our IPTV excellent, but also perfect for family and friends to use, if you just looking for a gift on the fly.

Fastest Server

Each of our servers are geared to the local Internet providers. So that no routing problems arise. Meanwhile we work with active 90Gbit.

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