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Insight IPTV does no longer exist and shouldn’t be accessed due to concerns around the recent security breach.

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By Editorial Team | 13th November 2018

Insight IPTV is an IP television service subscription reseller founded in 2018 who aims to satisfy the needs of their customers and go above and beyond, making them one of the best IPTV services out there. They currently offer around 1500 channels from over the world and have had thousands of happy customers so far but as all other IPTV services, they require a stream box/set-top box to connect to your TV. Also, the Insight IPTV servers are spread over 7 locations all over the world, making their network very efficient and reducing their lag time, which is why you will find very few negative IPTV reviews about this provider. This reseller also offers 600 Videos On Demand to be viewed by any subscriber and browsing through an online catalog. This service doesn’t offer a trial version but offers a very cheap 24-hour subscription that you can use to try out the services. This makes Insight IPTV one of the top IPTV service providers of 2019.


Insight IPTV offers over 1500 channels as well as 600 videos On Demand from their vast database of movies and TV shows. This service does not possess time-shifted media technology, nor does it have catch-up TV or start-over TV. The entire website seems pretty straightforward and easy to use, and the app contains an electronic program guide as well, which will help you navigate through the app in order to get to what you want to watch. The service offers full 1080p quality as well as 2160p streams for a full HD experience, meaning you can watch all the HD free TV you want!

The website works in Euros as its only currency, so we will be using Euros to illustrate the prices. First of all, Insight IPTV used to have a trial version until it was misappropriated to cheat the system, so it had to be replaced with a very cheap but paid version which costs €4.26. After that, you can buy a one-month hosting package with the full hosting plan, allowed VPN and two simultaneous device connections permitted so you can stream HD movies at will. It may not be the cheapest IPTV service in the short term, but in the long run, this service sets you back only about €80, making it possibly the best paid IPTV service of 2019. Whether you’re feeling down or you’re in your element TV with hundreds of channels is bound to make your day!

One Month €12.09
Three Months €24.25
Six Months €41.65
One Year €79.95
Supported Devices and Apps

The Insight IPTV app can be installed on virtually all devices in the world, and their website contains a well-developed area where they share knowledge on how to install their app and use their services from all types of devices. You want to set up an Android TV box with Kodi? No problem! Insight IPTV is fully accepted by Kodi boxes! This service streams worldwide and has servers to back up their HD streams, which means nothing will interrupt the incredibly high fidelity streams coming to your device and making you relax. Of course, if you want to stream the service to your TV, you will need a TV box. While Insight IPTV doesn’t offer a free TV box with your subscription, you can easily purchase one online and stream TV shows free, as much as you want. If you’re in the USA IPTV reviews should already be pointing towards this provider!

1500 channels No TV box + subscription guarantee
Multiple worldwide servers No free trial version
Versatility and a high amount of compatible devices
Video On Demand
Contact and Support

There are a few ways to contact Insight Entertain. One of them is to send them an e-mail, but you can also contact them via the handy form on their website. Right now they have a ticket system for customer support but soon this company will be implementing Skype customer support which will greatly help with reducing response times.

This company conducts their financial affairs through debit and credit cards as well as Bitcoin and bank transfer, so you can be sure that there’s always a way to renew your subscription. They are offering a full 7-day money back guarantee as well as a refund policy to stand behind any negative interactions that might occur. IPTV subscription reviews confirm that Insight IPTV has professional customer support that will look after your every need.


Insight IPTV is an excellent company but it has a lot of growing to do before it can upset the big players on the market. Right now, they have an awesome price range, a competitive set of subscriptions and programs and they’re getting ready for greatness! Not many other providers have such competitive pricing with over 1500 channels and the customers definitely appreciate it, which has led to many positive reviews online. The quality of channels on this streaming service is perfect, with people reporting high quantities of 1080p and 2160p images, both in the live streams from the channels and the videos On Demand. This is consistent with the provider’s claim that they deliver full HD TV at any point in the day, even though at times the network can be overburdened causing it to slow down a bit. Insight IPTV has a few ways to prove that their customer support is active and efficient. They have a ticket system, an e-mail complaint department and they’re soon going to have Skype-based customer service as well. All of these new measures are yet another confirmation of Insight IPTV’s status in the top IPTV service providers of 2019. Whether you’re thinking about getting a Setplex box, or you’re reading SeTVNow reviews, or you’re not even sure that IPTV is right for you – all these services have their good sides but you can’t go wrong with Insight IPTV!

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