Prime Iptv is rated “Poor” with 2.6

Payment is not automatic. They asked me to use paysafecard, and just one day later I bought paysafecard, and I send a photo of card to them ( what seem me bizarre, but I decide to follow exactly their instructions ). Then they tell me paysafecard is no longer accepted as payment method. Just one day later!

I complain to customer service about the situation. Then they lie and they say me it is my fault because, they put an announce 1 week before with the updates in payment method. What I have demostrated that it is false, because I have the mail and using google cache I get the state of the webpage the day they send me the mail asking me to use paysafecard. I got not successful response. They don´t show any trace of responsability.

Hopefully they did not stole my money, because paysafecard Id could have been stolen in the process. Now I am a customer of other company. With one prices are equals and payment is easy and safe, and customer service is better.


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