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Nowadays, people can watch their favorite shows using the internet, more commonly known as IPTV. IPTVs provide its subscribers with broadcasts of live TV shows and movies straight to their phones. But in order to do so, user’s need to download a multimedia app that will provide a platform to play the content. IPTV is one of these applications. Created by Alexander Sofronov, IPTV lets you stream movies and TV shows from any source on the web. 

How It Works

Unlike popular streaming sites such as Netflix and Hulu which offers video on demand services, IPTV lets you watch live TV, VODs, TV series, and TV catch up. It is a fast and free IPTV platform that allows you to enjoy your favorite shows on your device. If you are already using VLC to watch TV on your device, then this app is perfect for you. You can also add both M3U and XSPF playlist to the app, and the EPG support comes in the form of XMLTV and JTV. Moreover, if you have a UDP proxy—installed through your local area network—you can use this app to play multicast streams. 

However, while IPTV lets you watch your favorite TV shows anywhere, it does not supply or include any content. Users need to provide their own content by subscribing to any third-party provider in order to stream videos. 

Personalized TV Experience

As with other internet protocol TV apps, IPTV cannot contain stream contents without the user’s input. IPTV does not have in-app channel list. You need to input a playlist with TV channels in order to use this app. Bummer, right? But once you have your playlist, you can watch your favorite show anywhere and anytime. 

What’s more, IPTV organizes your TV channel list by region type. A helpful way of organizing especially if you are watching shows that are not in your area. The app also provides a grid, list or tile view of the TV channels for easier browsing. 

Convenient Mobile TV Surfing

The IPTV app is a very handy tool to have if you are an internet protocol TV subscriber. It comes with a great app design that is very easy to set up and navigate. With its vast playlist history support as well as convenient organizing, it will surely make your TV surfing a little easier. Depending on your IPTV provider, you can watch tons of TV shows, from music and film channels to news and cooking channels. This is really a great way for television lovers to fill dull moments. With IPTV, you will never have to miss out on a show again.


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