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An IPTV server delivers television services over a local access network (LAN) or the Internet via a communication method called Internet Protocol (IP). These secure packet-switched networks are access agnostic, meaning that all transmitted content, including audio, video, text, images, and data, can be viewed on any connected device.

Television services offered through IPTV server technology are subscription based and fall under three broad categories:

  • Live TV, which may or may not include interactivity with the show currently broadcast
  • Time-shifted TV, which includes catch-up TV that replays a show from a video streaming server that was broadcast hours or days earlier or start-over TV that replays a current show from the beginning
  • Video on demand (VOD), which allows subscribers to select and view videos of interest from a catalog, or library. This content, delivered via VOD server technology, is not related to television programming but can include archived recordings of network shows and series, along with movies, educational videos, and independent films. Some content providers also produce their own made-for-TV series but only make these available to their VOD subscribers.

The Convenience of IPTV Server Technology

IPTV server technology has grown in popularity because of higher consumer expectations. Today’s consumers want to be connected to the Internet around the clock with their smartphones, tablets, and laptops. They don’t want to be tethered to a television, but they want to view their favorite programming and premium content with media streaming software. And they expect optimal, seamless performance of any content they access, regardless of size, on any device.

Cost-conscious consumers want more value for their entertainment dollars, and with more options available than ever before, they’re willing to shop around. Operators are responding to increasing competition from over-the-air television and on-demand services by offering TV everywhere, where subscribers have exclusive access to their favorite programming and premium content through any internet-connected device. IPTV server technology makes this possible.

Operators that integrate IPTV server technology into their content distribution networks (CDNs) improve their ability to retain existing customers and attract new ones.

Deploying IPTV Server Technology is Easy with Akamai Network Operator Solutions

The most effective way for operators to deploy IPTV server technology is to create their own video CDN. By doing so, they have flexibility in providing value-added services to their subscribers—such as optimization and mobile device detection—along with exclusive programming and premium content.

Akamai Network Operator Solutions allow operators to deploy their own CDN, complete with media streaming server technology, quickly and cost-effectively with licensed software that runs on commercial off-the-shelf hardware. For operators that prefer deploying a CDN in the cloud, Akamai offers a cloud-based Operator CDN (OCDN) solution that utilizes dedicated servers within Akamai’s own CDN—the world’s largest and most advanced. Users of our cloud OCDN service are able to avoid CAPEX costs and they benefit from Akamai’s expert 24-7 maintenance of the CDN servers.

Learn more about Akamai’s Operator CDN solutions.


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