Top 134 Bell Canada Reviews

Bell talked me into the new Fibe experience over a year ago. For almost a full year, with internet, television and a landline, my bill has hovered around $250.00. I was promised better than I got and am getting. I’m sitting on my bed, over my son’s bedroom, in order to connect my laptop to internet. Ask me how comfortable that is, especially when I use online banking. He has the wireless router in his room, since he uses a computer more. Not long after we went to Fibe, my computer kept going in and out, losing my connection. Bell sells a four pack of another piece of equipment that I can spread all over the house to get reception, and add another rental to the payment. I refused. The router we had before, while on satellite didn’t do that, so why should I pay more money, for worse service.

Our Television has a PVR box, which starts deleting your programming, at 85% capacity. There’s still 100 hours of standard space left, 60 hours of HD, and 4K as well, but that doesn’t seem to matter. During the year, when I tried different channels, such as super channel, which I gave up, I recorded when I didn’t have time to watch. I was paying good money for it and when I let channels go, I couldn’t access the movies I had saved. When I tried, it said, “You need Super channel to watch this.” Bell deleted half of my programming. We started out with a higher bill, but have fine tuned our selections to what we really watch, but not fish tank or fireplace channels. Who lets them get away with having to pay for that.

Then my tv screen started pixeling up, people’s faces or whatever. It got so bad I called for someone to fix it. They wanted me to take it all apart and package it, and hook the new system myself. I refused, I’m not tech savvy, I’m renting from them and they should cover their product, is what I said. A decent Bell guy showed up and did his best to help. He said the TV box had never been set up right. He fixed that and said my signal was too weak from the basement to my living room and installed a gadget there to help. He had to come thru my air return for our furnace. But now I have this thing hanging out on the floor, and the problem has resurfaced, not as bad as before, but pixeling here and there, faces freezing and spots on the screen.

I didn’t take long distance with my phone, it’s just here because we’re old timers and like to have a landline. We all have cell phones with long distance. I was told, I wouldn’t get charged for long distance coming in if someone called me, $40 a month extra for that seemed like too much, my Koodo bill is the same price. But every other month, there’s an extra charge on the phone part and I don’t know what it is, and I don’t have the patience to call customer service to find out.

Did I mention it turns off after a while, with no one touching the remote, while I’m working around the house but still listening. Who is getting a savings there?. I think we’ve become complacent because it takes so long to get thru to a rep, and then 15 minutes to confirm who you are, when you’re calling from their phone, is just so irritating, we let them away with this stuff.


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