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*The extent of available content is subject to suspensions and/or cancelations by the applicable authorities/rights holders

Subscriptions sold by Easy IPTV TV are purely for the  rental of a license for an APK or device used by the end user. Any content supplied in any APK or device is provided by a 3rd party solution. Easy IPTV TV does not own any of the content used in any APK or device. It is illegal to watch any paid premium channels without a subscription from a valid provider. We only supply our subscriptions to persons of 18 years or older. This product does not violate any European Union Laws through valid intended use of this product/service and we accept no responsibility whatsoever for misuse.
All trademarks are the property of their respective owners, registred in the European Union and other countries and Easy IPTV TV ( is in no way affiliated with any of them.

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