Does TVLuux Really Work? A 3 Month Review and Analysis

Are you were on the fence of deciding to purchase services from TVLuux ( This three month review will help give you a definitive answer.

TVLuux - MAG 250 Service Provider Monthly FeeTVLuux Is A Service Provider For MAG 250 Devices

I’ve purchased monthly services from TVLuux ( package three times back in February, April and September 2016, because i read much about about postive reviews about TVLuux. That was its purpose for me. What does TVLuux advertise itself as?

TVLuux Monthly Service Provider IPTVWatch Channels From All Over The World

Judging by their tagline (which is absolutely fantastic by the way), they are positioning their services as a full monthly TV channels providing. Just connect your MAG device to their channel streams and start enjoying.

When I purchased from TVLuux, I never believed it would replace all my TV channels, but that’s what they want you to believe. Does their claim hold up?

Before we get to that, let’s take a quick look at how TVLuux works. They provide a very nice page that explains exactly what their packages include and what devices works with their packages. how they build them and created this nifty graphic to give you a visual explanation.

TVLuux - Monthly IPTV Channels Provider ServicesTVLuux Is Providing Services Since 2011

In short, they provide you with TV streams, and all you need is a MAG device, and the number of channels depends on the package you choose. Once your device have connection with TVLuux, the channel list shows up in your device. All the channels are  unique and original. The channels are either native English other channels from all over the world. Again, this depends on the package you get.

Here’s how TVLuux describes it on their About Us Page:

Yes, we do have channels from all over the world. Whether you want Albanian or Russian or Greece or French or Scandinavian channels you’ll find it in our box.

As you can see, the channel packages are different. It all depends on what package you buy. You just select the package and all packages have cheap prices.


IPTV Service Provider With Great Support

Whenever i needed any support from TVLuux (, there always are someone to talk to on their Facebook chat. It makes you feel confident that you have bought channels from a service provider with great support.

TVLuux - IPTV Channels Provider Service MAG 250 DeviceTVLuux Has Facebook Chat In Their Website


Many Sports Channels

Below is a mail i received from a friend in Canada


I have bought MAG254 from this place. I have just signed up for a 1 month sub.

Its only been a few days but so far he has more channels then the lists and they are all stable so far. I’ve mainly only tried the English and other ethinic channels. I am missing the sports channels. What IPTV service provider do you recommend?

There are so many other ethnic channels and I’ve not tried them all yet.

My friend in Canada would like to have the sports channels. TVLuux has many sports channels. Including beIN Sports channels.

TVLuux - Bein Sports Channels IPTV Service Provider.jpgTVLuux Has Many Sports Channels

Most of the sports channels are in HD. Some are SD and are duplicates. So mostly you could ignore them, but this way you have a backup in case the HD one does down.


MAG 250 Sports Subscription

MAG 250 Sports Package Subscription Channels IPTVSports Channels In MAG 250 Device


Designed to be used on the Mag 250/254 boxes. A sports package for all sports fanatics – never miss another game with these high quality sports channels from all around the world!


What Is A MAG 250

MAG250 is a key model in the popular MAG series, designed for easy launch in IP-based networks. The Set-Top Box (STB) is designed for ISPs, OTT-operators and content aggregators that provide services based on IPTV, OTT and VoD.

What Is MAG 250 STB IPTVThis Is The MAG 250 STB

MAG250 contains a whole set of functions that are in high demand with operators, such as

  • playback of digital TV channels in high quality
  • streaming video support
  • video on demand


Setting Up a MAG 250

This is how you set up your MAG device

  • Go into MAG box inner portal
    Power cycle your box and hold ‘gear’ button on the remote while box is loading. Gear button is in the middle of the second line of buttons, going from the top of remote. Or wait for the “loading portal” message and click “menu” for inner portal.
  •  Go into settings
    As you are in the inner portal, press ‘gear’ button on the remote again to get into settings menu.
    Note: There is a settings menu gear icon in the portal also, this is the wrong menu. You need the one that is accessed by gear button on the remote.
  •  Select ‘Servers’ option
    Type into Portal 1 URL or Portal 2 URL field
    You can connect USB keyboard to the box or use virtual keyboard (keyboard button on the remote).In the “Portal 1 name” line enter the following “portal 1”.
    In the “Portal 1 URL” enter the following address “”.
  •  Select and press ‘OK’ button to save the changes
  • Power cycle your box
    Now your Mag will load up the Savvy Tech portal
  • Login and Password
    Upon payment of your subscription you will be sent a login and password that is unique to your account. Put this information into the corresponding fields. Click done.
  • Done!
    Now you have access to the channels you subscribed to and will be sent a reminder when your package is due for renewal.

MAG 250 Service Providers

TVLuux can supply you with a set top box (STB), pre-configured to work with their IPTV services. And if you already have a suitable STB, convert to them for free.

MAG 250 STB is the perfect solution for IPTV, because of the feature-rich device.

  • Professional Set Top Box
    Dedicated Linux system used by Top IPTV providers, worldwide.
  • High Definition
    Supports playback in full SD & HD formats – where available.
  • Supports
    Streaming video, streaming radio, video on demand & most audio and video formats.
  • Connectivity
    HDMI,S/PDIF audio and seperate audio/video outputs.  Works On all TVs.
  • Flexible
    Two USB ports.  Connect WiFi modules, keyboards, mice & USB drives (playback only).
  • Fully Featured
    Includes YouTube App, Weather App, Picassa, Games, Internet Browser & more.


Mag 250 Monthly Fee/Subscription

The MAG 250 or Mag 254 is a very popular solution for IPTV streaming, combining the widest technical capabilities demanded by broadband operators with unrivaled user-friendly interface for end consumers interested in interactive digital TV.

All TVLuux monthly subscriptions are available on MAG 250 or MAG 254 set top boxes (STB). Once you get a subscription, you can use it for both Mag250 and Mag254 STB to access all the channels and movies within your fee/subscription. TVLuux allow simultaneous usage of the website and Mag250 or Mag254 set top box, so you can watch 2 different channels in the same time, using just one subscription.

If you already have a Mag 250 or Mag 254, you can use it with the TVLuux service without any extra charges or fees (although you still need to have an TVLuux subscription).

MAG 250 IPTV Channel List

After many months we are finally introducing a new “Gold” Premium Package for Mag 250 boxes (MAG 250/254/255/260 are also supported). The package consists of the very best of

UK, German, Italian, French, Scandinavian, Turkish, Spanish, Russian, Serbian, Bulgarian, Greek, Croatian, USA, Asian and Arabic.

If you have a MAG box, then TVLuux will be happy to give you a FREE 24h TRIAL to the new service so you can test yourself.

For your free trial please email to TVLuux with

  • Your name
  • MAG box serial number
  • MAC address of the MAG box

Check out the MAG 250 IPTV channel list


MAG 250 IPTV Kodi

IPTV boxes like the MAG 250/254/260/275 are much easier to use than XBMC/Kodi, if you want to just control a box.

MAG STB is like a normal TV and cable box. Use the  remote control to browse the channel list up and down.

Once you have downloaded the XBMC/Kodi, it will need setting up. Follow these instructions and you will be watching live TV on your android device. This app is an emulator of a mag 250 set top box.

XBMC Kodi TV APP MAG 250 Service ProviderKodi Is The New XBMC

The first thing you need to do is purchase a subscription with the IPTV provider like TVLuux. Pick a package and upon payment you shall receive a login and password, you will need this later.

To use this app you will need a subscription.

Once you have your login and password, open the app and lets get started. If you are using an Android Set Top Box then the remote should work for most of the features, if not you can set up remote commands in the settings, you might need a mouse for some parts, but if you are using a touch screen device then you must use the on screen remote.


MAG 250 IPTV Channel List

The channel list will be downloaded by the MAG device once it is connected to the MAG service provider.

  1. You have to login in your re-seller account and under “MAG DEVICES”
    click on “add new MAG device”. The re-seller website is usually
  2. Register your MAG device by entering MAC address.
  3. Follow instructions on web.


MAG 250 Subscription Code

TVLuux existing customers can simply add more months to their box by purchasing more subscription months on their  website. There will be no need to do any more configurations of the box.

Orders are usually processed same day within hours, but may take up to 24 hours. The portal address you need to enter will be sent to your email with some very simple instructions on where to enter it. Configuration of the box should take no more than a few minutes.

The device will now have access to the live content. You might have to select TVLuux ( portal if you have multiple portals assigned.

MAG 250 Subscription USA

One month TVLuux ( subscription works fine for all USA clients that have any of these devices

  • MAG box (250,254,260,270,275 …)
  • AVOV box
  • Android device
  • Any Kodi device

Your service provider needs your MAC address after the subscription purchase.

TVLuux ( has over…

  • 1000 channels SD, HD, English, Spanish, French, Russian, Indian….
  • 1000 most recent movies in HD, English and Spanish. (new movies added every week)
  • Your favorite channels from Charlie USA, BEV, Blue Sky, Red Point 50W and Media

With IPTV it doesn’t matter how is the weather, if you have a internet connection you can always enjoy your favorite TV shows without freezing. No more installations of Dishes, LNBs, etc is needed, just plug and play your new STB and you are up and running in less than 5 minutes.

IPTV service is is completely portable. You can take your MAG STB wherever you want with a internet connection and keep enjoying your favorite channels and movies.

This service wont be affected by ECMs or encryption updates/upgrades.




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