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IPTV Panel v2.2 Iptv Web Player Stand alone Web Player

This is our product for managing iptv, live and Video on demand streams.
We have been building this project for almost 2 years.
We offer a panel that Transcodes / Encodes live streams and manages Video on demand.
You can use an external restream service to offer your content.
one connection used per active stream, even if you have 100 users viewing it will only use one connection from your restreamer.
You can stop all streams daily to save resources.
Streams automatically start when viewed by a user.

the panel is Semi-automated.
When you’ve added all your channels and vod, your ready to sell your plans and credits.
You can set these up manually inside admin.
OR, Create some products for your front store(Front store included).
Once your setup your products just sit back and let the panel do the work.
Reseller credits and iptv products sold on front store are 100% automated with activation of plans and adding credits to the reseller account within 2 minutes.

Resellers and super resellers

You(Admin) can create super reseller accounts, where those accounts will be able to create their own resellers and add credits to resellers.
Credits can only be given if the super reseller has enough credits available.
Credits are automatically deducted from the super-resellers available credits.
You(Admin) can add unlimited credits to resellers and super resellers, unlimited reseller accounts and unlimited super reseller accounts.

Finding your content

You would need to find your own restream service, just use google to search for a provider
You can use free ones too
GitHub has a list of 8000+ free to view channels, https://github.com/iptv-org/iptv

New feature

Enigma2 Set top boxed now supported, zgemma, openvix, open pli and more


New feature

XCIPTV Support


New feature

IPTV Smarters pro now supported with api.


IPTV Smarters Pro is an incredible video streaming player which is developed especially for end-users that want to be provided with the facility to watch live TV, VOD, Series and TV Catchup on their android devices such as mobiles, android boxes, Fire TV stick and other…. MORE INFO


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