JediStream – Live TV Streaming, Premium IPTV Service

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Buy the best streaming media devices. Amazon FireTv’s

Redefined new look

How to install the new Jedistream app

Get one month of free service!

Simply get 3 people to signup, provide the order#s and send an email to: ([email protected]). Once all three order numbers are confirmed you get one month of free service +50 reward points. Please make sure to provide your Acct# JX**** when sending the order numbers conformation. Good luck!

Our spaces on the server are filling up fast and we will be closing this portal for new customers soon. Please be aware once you are a member you will continue to renew subscription and continue to earn reward points. If you know anyone that wants to be part of this great service, please get them to signup up soon.

Thank you,

For Android

For Android devices with Nougat or upgraded version can download our app by opening PlayStore on your Google Play device.

For IOS Devices

Open the app store and search for “SoPlayer”

For Amazon Fire TV

Download on AmazonAndroid Devices

For Windows

Click the button below and download the app directly on your Windows device. You are ready to stream now!

For MAC Devices

Just visit the app store to download our online streaming app. You can now watch live TV- anywhere and anytime.

How to Install SoPlayer for (Amazon firesticks,firetv, fire tv cube devices) 

How to Install SoPlayer for (Most Android TV boxes OS 5.0 higher, Nvdia Shield TV) 

How to Install SoPlayer for (Apple, IPhone, IOS Devices)

Install SoPlayer for Smart TVs (Samsung, LG) note: Smart TVs requires Soplayer app form the Tvs app store.

Effortless Streaming With Just One Easy Go!

You can register your account with us with a few simple clicks. You only need to go to the download section and choose the device you want to download to. Click the download button and start your journey of endless streaming.

Frequently Asked Questions

Having trouble installing the app, here are some of the most frequently asked questions.

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