The 3 Best LG TVs of 2020: Reviews and Smart Features

LG Smart Features

LG’s WebOS smart platform hasn’t changed much over the years, but that’s quite a good thing. A few years ago, it was, by and large, the best solution. While competition has tightened up since then, incremental and polishing updates allowed it to remain at the top. While it’s visually very similar to the version that first launched, it’s a lot more stable and responsive and is probably the smart platform least prone to slowdowns.


LG Smart Interface

WebOS hasn’t changed much since it was first introduced, but it is still one of the best looking platforms around. It’s colorful, and its animations are both intuitive and beautiful. Everything feels responsive and snappy, and you are rarely left waiting for something to happen.


LG Ads

WebOS has one glaring issue: the inclusion of advertising sprinkled around the operating system. While we’ve yet to see them on the main screen, they’re just about everywhere else. Voice search, app store, web browser, all of them will sometimes show ads in their user interface. The worst is that there isn’t a good way to disable them from within the TV itself.

Apps & Features

LG Apps Picture

The LG content store delivers just about every app one would look for on a smart TV, as well as direct rental of films. Essentials such as Netflix, Amazon Video, and YouTube are all installed by default, but the range is continuously expanding. Overall, LG TVs have one of the widest selections of apps available on any smart platform.

Voice Controls

WebOS TVs that come with LG’s “magic remote” have voice control. There’s a big microphone button in the center of the remote that, once pressed, prompts the search interface. It’s useful for searching for content since it goes through most of your apps and allows you to even search for actors. Unfortunately, though, it doesn’t have very in-depth control of the settings, like what you find on Samsung TVs, so you can’t adjust the brightness without leaving what you’re watching. The only thing you can’t really do is turn the TV off and adjust the volume.

  • Changing inputs
  • Launching apps
  • Complex requests, e.g., “Search Netflix for Marco Polo”
  • Basic online searches, including “What time is it?”, or, “How’s the weather in New York”

WebOS 4.0, included in the 2018 line of OLED and Super LED TVs, added a new voice control processor with ThinQ AI. The system is able to perform advanced searches similar to Siri on the AppleTV. It can identify actors in movies, search for sports scores, even find pictures in your favorite cloud service based on keywords. It can also communicate with a multitude of smart home connected devices, including lights and thermostats. These new TVs are also able to interact with Google Home or Amazon Alexa-connected personal assistants.


LG Smart TV Remote

LG’s magic remote found on higher-end models offers motion-controlled point and click functionality, which makes navigating menus a lot simpler. It isn’t the smallest remote we’ve seen, but it’s nicely sculpted and very comfortable to hold.

There are many more buttons on this remote than on Samsung’s, but they’re clearly labeled and make it quicker to pick up the remote and use – no tutorial or manual required.

Remote App

LG Smart TV Remote App

LG’s remote app, called LG TV Plus, offers quick access to most of the TV’s controls and is compatible with all LG smart TVs. It isn’t as advanced as some of the other remote apps, but it does stream content from your phone or tablet to the TV. It can launch apps and change inputs directly, without having to use a navigation button to navigate the on-screen menus.

Known Issues

There aren’t many issues with LG WebOS. The previous version had some performance issues, with occasional hiccups and frequent dropped frames in animations. For the most part, these issues have been fixed, and the latest version, performs extremely well, but the interface can still hang sometimes.


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