The Best IPTV Provider with 7000 channels and 9600 Movies


Please read the following before you proceed: 

1. Please understand that it may take up to 2 hours for your service to be activated. In rare cases, even more.

2. As soon as the payment is received and confirmed, you will receive another email within with subject ‘Comstar Service Info’. Please check your spam folder if you can’t find the email. 

3. This email will contain your access information (login / password) to access the line on device of your choice, and instructions to access the line on that device. If you have ordered multiple lines, you will receive one email for each device.

4. *ABSOLUTELY NO REFUNDS* – We offer a FREE 48 hour trial for you to test the service before purchasing.

5. If you expect a service with 100% uptime then IPTV is not for you. You are better off  staying with your current cable or satellite service. We provide the service on a best-effort basis, just as any other IPTV provider. We have redundant servers and offer superb stability, but we are not in control of the whole internet. Some interruptions can and will happen. 

6. Enjoy your subscription to!


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