Are Rogers 4k PVR 3.0 Digital Boxes Available for Purchase

Thanks for the clarification.  And I agree, there is a lot of testing that will be done before anything makes it out (I hope – their track record on testing has not been good).


My apologies if I misunderstood what you were saying, I read the reports and couldn’t find what you were suggesting, but I will take your word on it.  You are right, if they yanked traditional Cable for IPTV, I am sure customers would go ballistic.


Without a doubt you are paying far more for TV than I am, mine is just VIP with a loyalty discount (better choice bundles), an Ignite discount that disappears in October, and a HBO add-on.  I am not an active TV watcher in general, don’t watch sports or speciality channels – I am antequated in my mindset – I still primarily watch the channels that I can get over the air from digital antenna – just priced it out today – 5 months of my cable would pay for it plus boxes and installs, including PVR functionality, and then use an android box for things like Netflix and my favourite online sports – golf (the classics), snooker international on You Tube, darts on You Tube, and European road cycling (the tours and the spring and fall classics and cyclecross – I used to be a coach and competive racer, as well as competition golf, darts and snooker, so those remain my interests), but I digress. Back to IPTV and old cable model.


I do hope that they can get this one right this time, but I think the old model’s time is limited.  Just speaking from the perspective of a techy who has done way too much work in the field over the years, and still works on beta tests in the software field in software I use – I don’t do much hardware beta tests as I am more a passive tester in those environments, while in software, I am able to influence the changes from the perspective of an engineer, developer, implementor and as a user. I am in the middle of a very big implementation beta test that is over 3 months late, and 3 weeks past the last drop dead date, and on my own files on their servers, I still can’t access them from the new builds of software.


So I acknowledge that I probably misread the reports, and misinterpreted what you wrote and for that I am sorry – I am only human, and their reports are merely future financial implication projections as required by GAAP reporting standards for financial reports, open for interpretation, and as we have seen in the past, sometimes they don’t fall out as hoped, and they end up with significant financial implications (i.e., if it goes the wrong direction and costs them money – we usually can expect increases in our prices to cover it, and new technology).


Technology development is not a cheap business and we the consumer naturally bear the cost of getting it in place, both the successes and failures.


And thank you for the clarifications.




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