Home internet review/opinions?

Ok. I swtiched to fido plan about 2 mths ago. Evrerything was good before -was also under Rogers network..just to pricey. Only thing changed in my network is the installation of fido modem. Eversince I have been getting dropped signals..I am a bit techy so narrow it down to poor wifi strength coming from the modem..not my devices.

Every since signed up cannot get hold of customer service unless you have a good hour to spend on the phone.

Finally yesterday I talked with their tech support – confirmed the problem is with the modem. So I am willing to swap for different modem. Not this same type to chance getting same problem. Got all authorisation and goes to the store. Now spends 2 hrs there..first because they only carry the same type..service reps at the store not helpful as there is no commission in this.after lot of fuss manager calls other stores..but still no lock.

Top it off they accidentally placed a work order on their system to exchange the modem..now that I am not taking that exchange they start having technical system issues reactivating my equipment…they dont have the authority..so has to call in..niw spent 2 hrs on hold plus …and got nothing done..

Finally took back my modem home..as it was essential that I have some kindda service for work tomorrow.


So how would I rate it? Extremely poor but sad thing is going to the others are all the same.

Canada service providers monopolize and the customer cant do anything.

My familynis from the Caribbean..thise guys in 3rd world country haa so much better options, plans and service its amazing.

Something needs to be done. 



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