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What Is IPTV?

IPTV is television streamed over the internet. Instead of cable boxes or satellite dishes, IPTV uses the public internet infrastructure and your home’s existing internet connection to bring you your chosen shows and channels. You can order IPTV and ditch your current television provider knowing that as long as you have internet you can get the best IPTV easily.

You might already be familiar with at least one type of IPTV. Video on demand is the type of IPTV offered by online movie streaming sites, where you can select a movie or show stored in the site’s database and watch it at any time. The other types are time-shifted IPTV such as when last week’s episode of a show is released for online streaming after a specified delay from when it was first broadcast, and live IPTV in which a television program is streamed at the same time as it is being broadcast.

As long as you have a broadband internet connection and an internet-enabled device, you have everything you need in order to watch IPTV. However, in order to get the best IPTV quality you might want to watch television on a device other than your computer, phone, or tablet. For the best picture quality and to get a larger size, you might prefer to watch your premium IPTV on your television. This is possible, with the aid of a device called a set-top box, which can receive and decode the internet signal that is sending your streaming IPTV and then play that streaming video through your TV. 


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