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How to Navigate though the Guide View?


With NetGo app you can stay up to date program schedules from thousands of Live TV channels. After reading this article you will be able to find out what show is airing on the TV and when in 24 hours.

Watch this Short video on how the Guide View works:

First Go to the Guide View from NetGo app Main Menu.

After it’s loaded you can see the program schedules on the right. (It may take 30 – 60 secs for the guide to load).

To navigate through the Guide View use your Remote navigation Buttons to change the channels for information.

The Cyan Pointer and the Bar indicates how long a show has been on and how much is left. You can select any channel from this view and it will start playing.

The Mini EPG

When playing a channel Just press the “Right” navigation button from your remote. The Preference Tab will appear. There you can see the Current Program name and the Next Program name with time, just like the Picture below.

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